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Data-Center Synchronization - Configuration

This section details the steps necessary to perform a Workbench Data-Center Synchronization:

  1. Via Workbench\Configuration\Applications - identify the WB IO application associated with your Master Configuration Server
    1. For simplification regards this as the Workbench IO Master - i.e. "APAC : WB_IO_Primary"
      1. This Workbench IO Master will be the initiator of ALL future Data-Center synchronizations

  2. Expand the 9. Workbench Distributed Mode section of the WB IO Application Object

  3. If this is the 1st WB DC Sync, the 1.Remote WB Primary ZooKeeper value will be #REMOTE_ZK_Address Host:Port#
    1. If this is the Nth Data-Center sync, the value will be the IP:Port of the last Data-Center sync

      WB 9.1 DC APAC WB IO Pre Sync.png

  4. Enter in the remote Workbench ZooKeeper IP Address:Port number
    1. i.e. for the remote EMEA Workbench Data-Center
      WB 9.1 DC APAC WB IO REMOTE IP Pre Sync.png

  5. Click Save

  6. A Workbench Data-Center Sync In Progress notification popup will be displayed:
    WB 9.1 DC Saved In Progress Popup.png
    Please wait a minimum of 5 minutes for the Workbench Data-Center synchronization to complete; do not perform any Workbench Configuration Changes during this time

  7. Check the new/additional remote Workbench Data-Center Host(s) are present in Workbench\Configuration\Hosts
    1. In the example below, CC-APP-DEC-DEMO-3 is the remote EMEA Data-Center host
      WB 9.1 DC Hosts Post Sync.png
  8. Check the number of Data-Centers and their names are present in Workbench\Configuration\Overview
    1. In the example below, we have 2 x Data-Centers - APAC (the initiator) and the remote EMEA Data-Center
      WB 9.1 DC Config Overview Post Sync.png

  9. Repeat the above steps for any other Workbench Data-Center deployments that you wish to form in a Workbench distrbuted architecture
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