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When an Alarm Is Received

When Genesys receives an alarm, the following process begins:

  • Alarm notification is sent to you via the Genesys Care Mobile App
  • The alarm is routed to Customer Care and a support case is opened
  • The group email that you provided to receive alarm notifications will receive an email from Customer Care that an alarm support case has been opened
  • The support case will follow standard service level targets based on your Genesys Care contract
  • Only the Designated Contact can view, manage and close the support case via My Support; however, all members on the group email can provide case updates via email.

Maintenance Windows

Our Customer Care team would appreciate knowing in advance when you have scheduled Maintenance Windows so that we can suppress alarms during that timeframe. To notify us of an upcoming Maintenance Window, please send an email to customercare@genesys.com with “Alarm Monitoring – Maintenance Window” in the subject line and provide the following information:

  • Your Account name
  • The Site name
  • Date and time of maintenance in UTC timezone
  • OR, a schedule of planned maintenance
All Maintenance Window requests, whether new or revised, must be submitted 2 (two) working days prior to it taking effect.
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