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CM - Call Flow Summary

The Channel Monitoring Call Flow Summary page enables real-time visibility of Call Flows, their respective statuses and also Call Flow Statistics:

  • Post installation there will be no Call Flows displayed in the Call Flow Summary table.
  • Follow the CM - Add a New Call Flow section to create your first Channel Monitoring Call Flow
  • Once you've created a Call Flow it will appear in the Call Flow Summary table

The Channel Monitoring Console provides a real time data-table of Call Flows and their status; the CM Call Flow Summary table provides the following functionality:

  • Columns
    • Name - the generation Date/Time of this Change event
      • Note: Timestamps are stored in UTC and translated to local time based on the Users Browser Time-Zone
    • CM Appl. - the particular Object of this Change event
    • State - the Item of this Change event
    • Status - the new value of this Change event
    • Last Run - the User who actioned the change
    • Schedules - the internal ID of this Change event
    • Data-Center - the Data-Center this Call Flow is associated with
  • Export
    • PDF or XLS
  • Column Visibility
    • Show/Hide columns
  • Normal/Full-Screen
  • Column Reordering
    • move columns left or right within the data-table
  • Column Search/Filter
    • Filter data-table events based on DateTime, drop-down or text searches
  • Column Sort
    • 'Name' and 'Last Run' columns

At the end of each Call Flow row there are options to:

  • Edit the Call Flow, select the Pencil button.
  • Start/Stop the associated Call Flow Schedule, select either the Play or Stop button.
    • Note: the Call Flow needs to be in the Ready state, all config complete, to be able to Start the Call Flow Schedule
  • Initiate a Manual Call for the respective Call Flow - the Phone button.
    • Note: the Call Flow needs to be in the Ready state, all config complete
  • Delete the Call Flow, select the Close button.
    • Note: the Call Flow will be permanently deleted; no Media Files can be associated with a Call Flow to enable deletion

The Call Flow Summary page also provides:

  • Export the Call Flow summary list to XLS or PDF the Download button.
  • Show/Hide Call Flow table columns, select the Eye button.
  • Expand/Collapse (full-Screen On/Off) the Call Flow table, select either the Expand or Collapse arrow button.
  • If/when Workbench Data-Center nodes/Clusters are synchronized, to form a distributed Workbench deployment, the Channel Monitoring feature is holistic, whereby, Channel Monitoring Call Flows, Media Files and Reports can be managed irrespective of the local Workbench Data-Center the user is logged into.

Call Flow Summary Example

WB 9.1 CM Summary with DC.png

Manual Call Flow Test

An example Call Flow Manual Call Flow test:

WB 9.1 CM Summary with Manual Test.png

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