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Uploading Media Files

Media can be uploaded to Channel Monitoring via the Media Files page. This page is accessible from the Workbench navigation menu by selecting Channel Monitoring > Media Files. Uploaded media is used for the “Receive Media” and “Send Media” call stages of a call flow.

You can upload audio files in the following audio codecs:

Supported Audio Codecs

Audio codec name Format
G.711 Mu Law pcmu/8000
G.711 A Law pcma/8000

Adding New Media

Channel Monitoring will automatically detect the codec negotiated between the peers of a call and execute the necessary transcoding while sending media so that the output audio matches the codec of the call.

  1. Select Channel Monitoring > Media Files from the Workbench navigation menu
  2. In the “Category” field, enter a name for the category of the media being uploaded. This category is used to logically group the files. If a category already exists, it will display in the drop-down list; otherwise a new category will be created.
  3. Provide a descriptive name for the uploaded file in the “Name” field. In the figure below, the Name describes the IVR prompt associated with this audio file.
  4. Select the “Choose File” button and browse to the file to be uploaded. Note: Uploaded files must be in wav format.
  5. Click Save to upload the file.

Upload Media File

Upload IVR Media File pg 96.png

Existing Media

Existing media files are listed on the Media Files page. For each uploaded file, the Category, File Name, Playback Duration, Data Format, and Upload Date are displayed.

To listen to an existing media file, press the play button on the media file row.

Media List

Media List pg 96.png

Play Button

Play Button pg 96.png

A media file can be removed from the system by selecting the delete button on the media file row.

Cancel Button

Delete Button pg 96.png

Media should not be deleted if it is being used in an existing call flow within a Receive Media or Send Media stage.
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