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Configuring Alerts

The alerts tab allows for the configuration of call alerts that will be raised when defined thresholds are triggered during a test call placed against the call flow. These alerts will be sent to the Workbench Dashboard and will appear on the “Channel Monitoring” line of the real-time events widget. Alerts can be raised on call failure events or when user-defined thresholds for certain metrics are exceeded.

Basic Alert Configuration

Basic Alert Configuration pg 107.png

Possible Basic Alerts

  • Unexpected Hangup
  • No Answer
  • Account Authentication Failed
  • Registrar Connection Failed
  • Other Error
  • Media Receive Timeout
  • Media Send Error
  • No Call Setup

Toggling the switch next to the alert will activate/deactivate an alert for the Call Flow. The severity for the alert can be configured from the “Alert Severity” dropdown list.

Threshold Alert Configuration

Threshold Alert Config pg 107.png

Certain alerts are configured by defining the minor, major, and critical thresholds for a metric. An alert will be delivered to the Workbench dashboard if the metric’s value exceeds any of these defined thresholds.

Possible Threshold Alerts

  • Maximum Call Time (seconds)
  • Wait for Agent (minutes)
  • Media Match Failed (% error)
  • Jitter (milliseconds)
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