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CM Call Flow Alarms

Workbench Alarms can and are assigned by default to each Call Flow

If/when a Call Flow encounters an issue, a Workbench Alarm will be raised accordingly.

These Channel Monitoring Alarms can be viewed via the Alarms Console and/or via Channel Monitoring Reports.

Please use the following steps to assign/configure Call Flow Alarms:

  1. Select Channel Monitoring > Call Flows from the Workbench navigation bar.
    1. The existing Call Flows will be displayed in the Call Flow Summary table.
  2. To edit a particular Call Flow, select the Pencil button on that specific Call Flow row.
    1. The Edit Call Flow page is displayed; the properties of the selected Call Flow will be populated accordingly.
  3. Select the Alarms tab
    1. The default settings are displayed; ALL Alarm types are enabled by default
  4. The Alarm type modification parameters being:
    1. Enable
    2. Disable
    3. Severity
    4. Threshold (if applicable)
  5. Once complete, click the Save or Save & Close button.

Call Flow Alarms Example

The example image below details the Alarms options for Call Flows:

WB 9.1 CM Call Flow Alarms.png

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