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New in this Release

Workbench adds:

  • ZooKeeper Authentication - protect the Workbench back-end configuration data stored in ZooKeeper via a username and password.
  • Elasticsearch Authentication - protect the Workbench back-end ingested data (Alarms, Changes, CM, Auditing etc) stored in Elasticsearch via a username and password.

Previous Workbench Releases

Release Release Date Description Dec 2020
  • Workbench adds a Metric data ingestion feature that enables observability of host and process CPU, Memory, Disk and Network metric data, providing rich insights and analysis capability into host and process metric utilization, performance and trends.
  • Workbench also provides a stepping-stone to Workbench 9.2 (Q3 2021) where Anomaly Detection Workbench “Insights” will be autonomously and predictively raised based on abnormal outlier analysis of the ingested metric data modelled baseline. May 2020 Linux support Feb 2020 The reinvention of Workbench 8.5, with the core Alarm, Changes and Channel Monitoring features migrated. Sept 2017 Workbench 8.5 has been replaced with Workbench 9.x - please upgrade to the latest release
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