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AD Pre-Installation Steps

  • The Workbench core components should be installed and running prior to installing the Workbench Anomaly Detection (AD) components
  • Please use a non root account with sudo permissions for all commands when installing Workbench AD on Linux
    • Do NOT use the Linux <ROOT> account to install Workbench Anomaly Detection (AD)
  • Anomaly Detection (AD) uses the Hostname for component configuration/communication
    • please ensure hostname resolution between the Workbench and Anomaly Detection (AD) Hosts is robust
  • If the Anomaly Detection (AD) Host has multiple NIC's
    • please ensure the Hostname resolves to the desired IP Address prior to Anomaly Detection (AD) installation
  • is the first release of AD - currently no newer AD version exists
  • Therefore select New Installation and not Upgrade during the AD installation
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