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Mobile App

The Genesys Mobile App provides the convenience to view and manage Genesys Support Cases from your mobile device (iOS and Android); utilise the Genesys Mobile App to review and post Genesys Case updates, initiate Chat sessions with Genesys Analysts, request Case Escalation or Case Closure.

In addition, with the Workbench Remote Alarm Monitoring (RAM) service activated and if push notifications are enabled, Workbench RAM will push alarm notifications to your mobile device so that you can view and manage the alarm Support Cases that have been generated from your Genesys Engage platform.

Designated Contacts can view/manage the alarm Support Case(s) and post Case updates via the mobile app; Read-Only access levels can view alarms and Support Case details.

Getting Started

Please review the Genesys Care Mobile App Guide for information on where to download (iOS and Android available) our mobile app, how to use the mobile app, and the type of alarm data you can view.

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