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Creating Call Flows

Call flows are the primary testing templates for calls navigating through an IVR. The call flow defines the stages in which a call will execute against a system under test.

Add a New Call Flow

From the Channel Monitoring > Call Flows page, select the Add button at the top of the call flow list to create a new call flow. The Edit Call Flow page will be displayed. Specify a name for the call flow in the Template Name field, and add stages to the call flow using the Call Flow tab.

Add/Edit Call Flow Page

Add Edit Call Flow pg 98.png

To build a call flow, drag a stage from the Stage Palette to the Call Flow Stages list. From within the Call Flow Stages list, click on a stage to display the properties page for that stage. Call stages can be reordered within the list by dragging them to the desired location. They can also be removed from the list by clicking the “x” on the call stage row. See the section below for the description and use of each call stage.

Stage Palette and Call Flow Stages List

Creating Call Flows pg 99.png

Stage Properties Example

Stage Properties Example pg 99.png

Call Flow List

Once you have created some call flows, they are displayed in the call flow list when you select Channel Monitoring > Call Flows from the Workbench navigation pane. From this list, you can choose “Add” to create a new call flow.

Call Flow List

Call Flow List pg 100.png

For each call flow, the list displays the current status of the call scheduler, the time that the last call was placed, and the defined call schedules. At the end of each row, there are options for the call flow:

  • To edit the call flow, select the pencil button.
  • To start/stop the call schedule, select the play/stop button.
  • To place a manual call against the call flow, select the phone button.

Call Flow Options

Call Flow Options pg 100.png

Edit an Existing Call Flow

Select Channel Monitoring > Call Flows from the Workbench navigation pane. The list of existing call flows will be displayed in a list. To edit a call flow, select the edit button on the call flow row.

Edit Call Flow Page

Add Edit Call Flow pg 98.png

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