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AD Configuration Dependencies

AD has dependencies with the following Workbench components.

AD Insights Application Objects

  • If/when changing the AD Application Sensitivity Level setting, ensure ALL respective synchronized Workbench AD Applications are the same
    • i.e. do not set Workbench AD in APAC to Medium and EMEA to High - ensure both AD Applications have the same Sensitivity Level and are restarted post change

Workbench Logstash - Configuration Dependencies

  • The Anomaly Detection (AD) components/feature receives Metric data via the Workbench Logstash component, therefore AD is dependent on the Workbench Logstash pipeline configuration.
    • If/when there is a change to the AD Logstash connection / Logstash Port, from the AD Insights application object, the Workbench Logstash component and AD server component will be automatically restarted

Workbench IO - Configuration Dependencies

  • AD communicates with Workbench IO over HTTP to store "Insights" and create AD related Alarms; therefore AD uses the Workbench IO Host and Port for communication

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