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Workbench Data-Center Synchronization


A Workbench Data-Center(s) is a logical concept to categorize and optimize the respective Workbench Hosts, Applications and ingested data for event distribution, visualization context and filtering purposes, whereby:

  • Each Workbench host, and the respective applications within that host, are assigned to a Data-Center, this is mandatory
  • The Data-Center name is entered during Workbench Primary Node installation
  • The Data-Center name is case-sensitive and a max of 10 characters

Post Workbench Data-Center Sync Benefits

Workbench Data-Center synchronization forms a distributed Workbench architecture whereby:

  • Engage Alarms can be cleared holistically from any Workbench at any Data-Center
  • Metric data (i.e. CPU/RAM/DISK/NETWORK) from remote Workbench Agents (i.e. deployed on Genesys Application hosts such as SIP, URS, FWK etc) can be ingested into the local Workbench Data-Center instance/Cluster
    • i.e. provides network traffic optimization
  • WB Configuration can be edited/view holistically
    • WB Configuration is based on the Workbench Master – the Workbench Master being the initiator of the WB to WB Data-Center Sync
      • For simplicity, Genesys recommends your Workbench Master is the Workbench deployed at the same Data-Center as the Master Configuration Server
      • Use this Workbench Master as the initiator when synching Workbench Data-Centers
  • Channel Monitoring (CM) Call Flows, Media Files and Reports can be viewed holistically
  • CM Call Flows and Media Files can be added/edited/deleted holistically

Post Workbench Data-Center Sync Limitations

  • Dashboards and Visualizations from either Data-Center do NOT sync to the other
    • i.e. Post Data-Center Sync, the "APAC" Dashobards will NOT be synched to the "EMEA" Data-Center, and vice-versa
  • Users can ONLY view Metric data from the Data-Center they are logged into
    • i.e. Users cannot log into the APAC Data-Center and view Metrics from the "EMEA" and "LATAM" Data-Centers
  • Only Active Workbench Alarms will be sync’d during the Data-Center to Data-Center syncing process
  • Only Workbench Changes will be sync’d during the Data-Center to Data-Center syncing process based on the Retention Period configured on the WB Master
  • Channel Monitoring Call Flows metadata is sync – not the actual CM Call Flow Object - this enables holistic managment of a Call Flow, irrespective of its Data-Center
    • This is by design, a Channel Monitoring Call Flow is associated with a WB IO application at only 1 x Data-Center
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