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Client Browser URL is big and Kibana might stop working

  • For Workbench 9.0 to 9.2:
    • If a The URL is big and Kibana might stop working error message is encountered, Genesys recommends:
    • Login into Workbench
    • Open a new Browser tab
    • Navigate to http://<WB_HOST>:8181/app/kibana#/management/kibana/settings/
    • Scroll down to Store URL's in session storage and set state:storeInSessionStorage to ON

Temp Directory

For the Elastic stack components, Elasticsearch and Logstash are the main Workbench components that write to the node/host system Temp directory; these Temp directory locations can be changed via the respective local config files.

For the Logstash component please change the following file:

  • {WB_Install_Home_Location}\Logstash\config\jvm.options
  • Within the jvm.options file, uncomment (remove the “#”) from the start of “-Djava.io.tmpdir=$HOME”
  • Replace “$HOME” with the directory location that you would like to use for Temp.
  • After saving the file, restart the Windows WB_Logstash_9.1.x Service for the changes to take effect.

For Elasticsearch, change the Temp directory by setting the following environment variable:

  • "ES_TMPDIR".
  • After setting that environment variable, please restart the WB_Elasticsearch_9.1.x Service for the changes to take effect.
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