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Workbench Basic Architecture

Workbench communicates with several components in your Genesys environment, as shown in the figure below:

  • Configuration Server to monitor configuration changes
  • Solution Control Server to monitor alarm conditions
  • Message Server for configuration change metadata
  • Genesys Application Servers where the Workbench Agent is deployed, to collect some application and server health metrics
  • The server hosting the Log Indexer and Central Log Storage, and running the Workbench Log Extractor, if you have deployed Log File Management Tool

Workbench Architecture Workbench Architecture

Workbench Architecture with Remote Alarm Monitoring

When Remote Alarm Monitoring is also deployed, Workbench communicates over TLS secure connections with Genesys, where additional service components are located, as shown in the figure below.

  • Genesys Customer Alarm Collector to process alarms detected in your environment
  • Genesys Care Mobile Application to notify you about alarms as they are detected
  • Genesys Customer Care to route each Critical and Major alarm to a support expert, who proactively opens a case and immediately begins to troubleshoot the issue

Workbench Architecture with Remote Alarm Monitoring Workbench Architecture with Remote Alarm Monitoring

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