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Outbound API

The Outbound API supports asynchronous operations — calls to the API are translated to T-Server events and sent to the appropriate T-Server. Results are received asynchronously, converted to a Web Services resource, and then sent to the client via the CometD channel. Outbound campaign operations have the following endpoints: /api/v2/me/outbound-campaigns and /api/v2/me/outbound-campaigns/<campaing-name>. Outbound record operations have the following endpoints: /api/v2/me/outbound-records and /api/v2/me/outbound-records/<record-handle>

You can use the Outbound API to write client applications that include outbound preview features. Refer to the Outbound Contact documentation for more information about Outbound.

For more information about Outbound API operations, click the links below:

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