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This operation is part of the Digital User Events API section of the Web Services API.


This request publishes Interaction Server user events.

Request URL /api/v2/me/multimediaevents
Required Features api-multimedia


Parameter Value
operationName Publish
topic String. Name of the topic to be published.
sendToSelf Valid values are true or false. The default value is false. If true, the publisher receives a copy of published data when subscribed to the topic.
content Key-value data to publish.

This request involves sending a JSON body as well as adhering to the URL path listed above.

POST api/v2/me/multimediaevents

The following is a possible valid JSON for the request:

   "operationName": "Publish",
   "topic": "topic_0",
   "sendToSelf": "true",
   "content": {


The response consists of an HTTP response. All subscribers will receive CometD responses.

HTTP response

   "statusCode": 0,

CometD response

   "topic": "topic_0",
   "content": {
       "key": "value"
   "actorType": "Agent",
   "actorId": "a1",
   "messageType": "MultimediaEventNotificationMessage"
Interaction Server returns Actor related information starting from version 8.5.104.xx.
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