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IM Session Resource

The imSessions resource includes properties that describe the current state of the session, the session participants, and the resource capabilities. Instant message sessions are returned from GET requests to /api/v2/me/im-sessions?fields=*.

Sample Data

    "imSessions": [
            "capabilities": [
            "id": "007MDF3D0KAHL93L807GK2LAES000001",
            "participants": [
                    "digits": "3002",
                    "e164Number": "3002",
                    "formattedPhoneNumber": "3002",
                    "phoneNumber": "3002"
            "path": "/im-sessions/007MDF3D0KAHL93L807GK2LAES000001",
            "state": "Talking",
            "uri": ""
    "statusCode": 0

Resource Details

Field Description
id The unique ID for the imSessions. This should be the associated SIP server call UUID.
state The state of the imSessions interaction. Possible values are "Initiating" (EventDialing), "Talking" (EventEstablished), "Alerting" (EventRinging), "Completed" (EventReleased)
userData The user data attached to the imSessions.
path The path to the imSessions (in the format: /im-sessions/{id})
participants An array of participants in the same format as the "call" resource.
capabilities The list of operations that may be performed for the given session. This list should correspond to the asynchronous operations that are valid for imSessions: SendMessage, AttachUserData, UpdateUserData, DeleteUserData, Complete.
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