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Email Resource

The email resource contains information about the email interaction, including its state, from and to fields, subject and so on. Email interactions are returned from GET requests to /api/v2/me/emails?fields=*.

Sample Data

   "id": "FEWOIFWJ3243224",
   "state": "Processing",
   "uri": "/api/v2/me/emails/FEWOIFWJ3243224",
   "contactId": "HIFEW879",
   "from": "customerservice@genesys.com",
   "to": [
   "cc": [
   "bcc": [
   "subject": "Customer Service"
   "body": "",
   "mime": "",
   "bodyAsPlainText" : ""
   "attachments": [
           "id": "",
           "name": "",
           "size": "",
           "uri": "/emails/FEWOIFWJ3243224/attachments/JIFOJWEF342423",
           "mime": ""
           "id": "",
           "name": "",
           "size": "",
           "uri": "/emails/FEWOIFWJ3243224/attachments/JIFOJWEF342423",
           "mime": ""
   "capabilities": [
       "Reply", "ReplyAll", "Save", "Complete", "Transfer", "Send"
   "userData": [
       "key": "value",
       "key": "value"

Resource Details

Field Description
id An email interaction's unique identification.
state The email's current state. Possible values are:
  • Invited (Inbound)
  • Processing (Inbound)
  • Composing (Outbound)
  • Completed
contactId A unique identifier for a contact record within Universal Contact Server (UCS).
from The address where the email originated from.
to An array of recipient email address.
cc An array of recipient carbon copy addresses.
bcc An array of recipient blind carbon copy addresses (hidden cc).
subject A summary or title of the email.
bodyAsPlainText A plain text body.
body This element contains data related to the email's content.
mime The mime type of body. Web Services doesn't support the text/plain type.
attachments An array of attachment elements containing the email's attachment data.
capabilities This shows operations that are possible given the last successful completed API action. For example, after a successful Accept operation, the possible actions are:
  • Create
  • Reply
  • ReplyAll
  • Complete

The possible valid values are all email-related API actions.

userData This is a map of custom values that do not always belong within the email element itself.
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