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Voice API

This section describes the Voice API portion of the Web Services API and provides guidance for developers building voice-related client applications. You can use this API to write agent applications that provide a variety of voice-related features, from agent state management and call control to supervisor monitoring and call recording.

CometD notifications

In order for asynchronous requests to work correctly in the Web Services API, you must subscribe to the appropriate topics for the functionality available in your client application. See CometD notifications for details about the topics you can subscribe to for the Voice API.


The Voice API includes the following resources:

Session management

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Agent state

You can use the Voice API to set an agent's state on the voice channel; this includes standard Genesys states as defined in system settings as well as your own custom states you can define using the Settings API.

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Call forwarding

You can use the Voice API to forward calls on a specified device to a new destination or turn off call forwarding for that device.

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Basic call control

The Voice API includes all the common call control functionality Genesys offers.

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Conferences and transfers

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Call data

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Call recording

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IM Session API

You can use the IM Session API to enable instant messaging between agents in your application.

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