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Channel resource

This resource is part of the Channels API section of the Web Services API.


The channel resource includes the channel and the user state for that channel. Channels are returned from GET requests to /api/v2/me/channels?fields=*.

Sample Data

            "displayName":"Not Ready",
         "channel": "voice",
         "phoneNumber": "3001",
         "switchName": "SIP_Switch",
         "userActivity": "Idle",
         "userState": { 
            "id": "9430250E-0A1B-421F-B372-F29E69366DED", 
            "displayName": "Ready", 
            "state": "Ready" 

Resource Details

Field Description
channel The name of the channel. For example, email or chat.
userState The user's current state for the channel. This includes the userState's ID, display name, and the state.
switchName The name of the switch owning the phone number. Note that switchName will be added to voice and instant-message channels only.
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