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This operation is part of the Email API section of the Web Services API.


Creates an outbound email reply to all senders.

The agent can perform this operation after accepting a new inbound email interaction.

This operation can be performed after an agent has accepted an email interaction.

This operation creates an email in the Interaction Server and the Universal Contact Server (UCS).

The operation is asynchronous, meaning that a CometD notification will be sent upon successful completion of the operation.

The newly-created email interaction will have the following parameters:

  • ToAddress equal to ReplyToAddress-from-original-email
  • CCAddresses equal to CCAddresses-from-original-email
  • FromAddress equal to ToAddress-from-original-Email
  • Subject equal to subjectPrefix+original-email-subject
  • The body will be empty unless quoteOriginal is set to true and will be pre-pended by replyToStartLine and modified with indentCharacter, if present
Request URL /api/v2/me/emails/{id}
Required Features api-multimedia


Parameter Value
operationName ReplyAll
queueUri queue uri for specified email
bodyAsPlainText The message to send. Plain text body
body The message to send. Html body
mime Multipurpose internet mail extensions. (optional)
userData The key value data to attach. (optional)
subjectPrefix The prefix to add before the subject value (optional).
replyToStartLine The value to add before quoting original text (optional).
quoteOriginal If true, includes original email text; false otherwise (optional).
indentCharacter The indent character value to denote each line of the original text (optional), if it’s included (see quoteOriginal).



POST api/v2/me/emails/0071023821aec011
    "operationName": "Reply",
    "queueName": "Forwarde-mails"


  "statusCode": 0


Here are the list of notifications received after create reply message:
   "referenceId": 3,
   "notificationType": "StatusChange",
   "messageType": "EmailStateChangeMessage",
   "email": {
       "userData": {
           "ContactId": "0000Wa9CAM6W018X"
       "from": "htcc@gplus-w2k3-gf80",
       "contactId": "0000Wa9CAM6W018X",
       "capabilities": [
       "uri": "http: //localhost: 8080/api/v2/email/01QG9WAK37H3802A",
       "to": [
       "state": "Composing",
       "parentId": "00012a9HEEG032YW",
       "id": "01QG9WAK37H3802A",
       "subject": "RE: Test_V2"
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