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Start Preview Session

This operation is part of the Outbound API section of the Web Services API.


This requests starts a preview mode outbound session for the current user on the specified campaign.

Request URL /api/v2/me/outbound-campaigns/<campaign-name>
Required Features api-voice-outbound


Parameter Value Required
operationName StartPreviewSession Yes
applicationId The unique identifier of the Outbound Contact Server application. Yes
devicePath The relative path to the device used for sending the TLib request. Yes
referenceId A unique identifier used to map the API call to the CometD response. If the request contains a referenceId, Web Services sends an acknowledgement or other event with the same reference ID via CometD. No



POST /api/v2/me/outbound-campaigns/Campaign1, 
  'devicePath': '/devices/5910b027-3e64-4c85-9b9d-87248a21d8a5', 
  'operationName': 'StartPreviewSession', 
  'applicationId': 134,
  'referenceId': '123456789'

HTTP Response

    "statusCode": 0

CometD Response

'messageType': 'OutboundCampaignMessage', 
'notificationType': 'PreviewSessionStarted', 
	{'name': 'Campaign1', 
	'dialingMode': 'Preview', 
	'groupName': 'Campaign1@AgentGroup1', 
	'state': 'Started', 
	'devicePath': '/devices/5910b027-3e64-4c85-9b9d-87248a21d8a5', 
	'applicationId': 134, 
	'groupDescription': '', 
	'description': ''
'referenceId': '123456789'
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