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Create Device

This operation is used to create a device.


  • POST .../api/v2/devices
Requires the administrator role

The body includes 1 mandatory parameter:

  • phoneNumber must be present.

The property telephonyNetwork can optionally be provided with a value of Public or Private. See the device attributes table for additional details.

The model and vendor properties have been deprecated in Version 2 of the API and will be ignored if present in creation requests.

POST .../api/v2/devices
  "phoneNumber": "3001"

The Response contains the uri and id of the device.


    "statusCode": 0, 
    "id": "0bf06531-9cb7-4d6e-bff3-d910f83a493d", 
    "uri": "" 

If the phone number is already in use, 403 FORBIDDEN will be returned.

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