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Message resource

The message resource includes properties that describe who the message was from, when it occurred, and its type. Messages are returned for chat or facebooksession interactions when you make GET requests to /v2/ucs/interactions.

Sample data

   "timestamp":"2013-11-2521: 02: 22.000+0200",

Resource details

Field Description
index The chat message's sequence number.
from The chat's participant data.
type The chat messages's type. Possible values are Text, TypingStarted, TypingStopping, ParticipantJoined, ParticipantRejoined, ParticipantLeft, PushUrl, Notice, or TranscriptSaveDone.
visibility The chat message's visibility. Possible values are All, Agents, or Supervisors.
timestamp The date the chat message was received, in yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSSZ format.
timestampSeconds The date the chat message was received, in seconds.
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