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This operation is part of the Voice API section of the Web Services API.


Unmutes a previously muted call.

Request URL /api/v2/me/calls/{id}
HTTP method POST
Required features api-voice


Parameter Value
operationName UnmuteCall



POST api/v2/me/calls/00HLPA5Q24AT9D8VH0A0K2LAES00000G 
  "operationName": "UnmuteCall"

HTTP response

  "statusCode": 0

CometD notification

  "data": {
    "messageType": "CallStateChangeMessage",
    "notificationType": "StatusChange",
    "phoneNumber": "3001"    
    "call": {
       "callType": "Internal",
       "callUuid": "00HLPA5Q24AT9D8VH0A0K2LAES00000G",
       "capabilities": [
       "connId": "0071026ce59fd010",
       "deviceUri": "",
       "dnis": "3002",
       "duration": "1",
       "id": "00HLPA5Q24AT9D8VH0A0K2LAES00000G",
       "monitoredUserMuted": false,
       "monitoring": false,
       "mute": "Off",
       "participants": [
            "digits": "3002",
            "e164Number": "",
            "formattedPhoneNumber": "3002",
            "phoneNumber": "3002"
            "digits": "3003",
            "e164Number": "",
            "formattedPhoneNumber": "3003",
            "phoneNumber": "3003"
       "path": "/calls/00HLPA5Q24AT9D8VH0A0K2LAES00000G",
       "recordingState": "Stopped",
       "state": "Established",
       "supervisorListeningIn": false,
       "uri": "",
    "extensions": {
      "BusinessCall": 0
  "channel": "/v2/me/calls",
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