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Getting started

The following topics use simple cURL statements to show you how to use basic features of the Web Services API. Once you understand these principles, you can use them to write your own apps.

You are about to learn how to:

Some basics

Web Services uses a RESTful API that sends and receives data over HTTP in the text-based JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data-interchange format. JSON is an easy way to create, read, update, and delete data.


cURL is a command line tool that allows you to make barebones HTTP requests. It is a great way to explore the syntax of the Web Services API. For more information about cURL, check out the project website at http://curl.haxx.se/.


This tutorial assumes that you have set up Web Services, as shown in the Web Services and Applications Deployment Guide, and that you are familiar with HTTP requests.

What's next?

Let's get started by making a request.

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