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This operation is part of the Chat API section of the Web Services API.


This allows a supervisor to barge in on targeted agent chats.

The supervisor enters the chat when the agent accepts a new chat. Both the agent and the customer will be able to see supervisor's messages.

When the chat is completed or placed in a queue, the supervisor will receive chat state Revoked.

If the agent being monitored leaves the chat but another agent remains, the supervisor will continue monitoring this chat until it is is completed or placed in a queue.

The supervisor can leave a chat at any time.

Request URL /api/v2/users/{userId}/channels/chat
Required Features api-multimedia


Parameter Value
operationName BargeIn
supervisorMonitoringMode This optional parameter specifies the monitoring mode:

NextChat - Monitor only the next chat the agent receives, then stop monitoring.

AllChats - Monitoring all agent chats until monitoring is cancelled. If not specified AllChats is the default.

nickname Supervisor's nickname as will be seen by agent and customer (optional).

If not specified username will be used.



POST api/v2/users/90cc5439ff6848748e5e67811273f266/channels/chat
  "operationName": "BargeIn",
  "supervisorMonitoringMode": "NextChat"


  "statusCode": 0
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