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This operation is part of the Voice API section of the Web Services API .


Configures silent monitoring of the target agent device. After sending this request, Web Services delivers a DeviceStateChangeMessage confirming the change to the supervisor monitoring state. When the monitored agent receives a call, that supervisor is also delivered the call and can listen in silently.

Request URL /api/v2/me/devices/{id}
HTTP method POST
Required features api-voice, api-supervisor-monitoring


In a SIP Cluster environment, the following limitations are applicable when routing point monitoring is enabled:

  • Only call scope is supported.
  • Only silent supervision is supported. A supervisor can switch the monitoring mode from mute to connect and connect to mute only after the call is established with an agent. Switching to coach mode is not supported.
  • Intrusion is not supported. The monitoring session will not be started for calls which are already in the queue when the monitoring subscription is created.


Parameter Value
operationName ListenIn
targetDeviceUri The URI of the device to monitor.
supervisorMonitoringScope This optional parameter specifies the scope of monitoring:
  • Agent — Only activity for the target agent is monitored. If the monitored agent transfers the call to another agent, the supervisor is released from the call with the agent.
  • Call — The supervisor monitors the entire call, regardless of the path it takes. If the monitored agent transfers the call, the supervisor continues to monitor as the customer is serviced by the new agent.If not specified, Call is the default.
supervisorMonitoringMode This optional parameter specifies the monitoring mode:
  • NextCall — Monitor only the next call the agent receives, then stop monitoring.
  • AllCalls — Monitoring all agent calls until monitoring is cancelled.If not specified, AllCalls is the default.
phoneNumber The monitored phone number.



POST api/v2/me/devices/efe1ab32-53f9-43ce-b65e-5768c61f7d4a
  "operationName": "ListenIn",
  "targetDeviceUri": "http://localhost:8080/api/v2/devices/9c14cad7-17c4-48d0-8492-7cf0ff92c224",

HTTP response

  "statusCode": 0

CometD notification

  "data": {
    "messageType": "DeviceStateChangeMessage",
    "devices": [
        "id": "efe1ab32-53f9-43ce-b65e-5768c61f7d4a",
        "deviceState": "Active",
        "userState": {
          "id": "900D55CC-2BB0-431F-8BF9-D3525B383BE6",
          "displayName": "Not Ready",
          "state": "NotReady"
        "phoneNumber": "5005",
        "e164Number": "5005",
        "telephonyNetwork": "Private",
        "doNotDisturb": "On",
        "voiceEnvironmentUri": "",
        "capabilities": [
        "supervisorMonitoringState": {
          "state": "ListenIn",
          "mode": "AllCalls",
          "scope": "Call",
          "targetDeviceUri": "",
          "phoneNumber": "<monitored_phone_number>",
          "switchName": "<monitored_phone_number_switch>"
  "channel": "/v2/me/devices"
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