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Create Settings Group

This operation is part of the User Settings API section of the Web Services API.


Creates a new settings group for the specified user.

Request URL /users/{user id}/settings


Required Features api-provisioning-write


Parameter Value
displayName A user-friendly name describing the settings group.
name A URI-compatible name for the settings group. This name is used as part of the URI to access the group. For example, GET /settings/my-settings-group.
key Specifies an attribute that Web Services uses to identify the settings in this group if they are modified. The value of the "key" attribute must be unique for every setting and is read-only after the setting is created. This parameter is mandatory.



POST /api/v2/me/settings
   "displayName":"My Setting Group",
   "key":"name"   //specifies that each setting in this group must have a "name" attribute with a unique value

HTTP Response

 "statusCode": 0
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