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Interaction history resource

The interaction history resource includes properties that describe the current state of the interaction, the type of interaction, and when it occurred. Interaction history resources are returned from GET requests to /api/v2/ucs/interactions.

Sample data

   "startDate":"2013-11-25 21:02:22.000+0200",
   "endDate":"2013-11-25 21:02:25.000+0200",
   "subject":"Customer support",

Resource details

Field Description
typeId The type of interaction. Possible values are Inbound, Outbound, Internal, Consult, or Unknown.
startDate The date the interaction started.
endDate The date the interaction ended.
ownerInformation Information about the interaction's owner. This property contains the following list of structures:
  • id
  • userName
  • firstName
  • lastName
mediaType The media type of the interaction. Possible values are call, chat, email, facebook, facebooksession, smssession, openmedia, twitter, or workitem.
uri The interaction's resource identifier.
path The path to the interaction resource.
state The state of the interaction. Possible values are New, InProcess, Stopped, or Pending.
contactId The interaction's contact ID.
parentId The ID of the interaction's parent interaction.
id The interaction's ID.
subject The subject of the interaction.
comment Interaction comment.
customAttributes A map of custom field names and values.
phoneNumber Contact phone number (for call interactions only).
callDuration The duration of the call, in seconds (for call interactions only).
userData Interaction attached data
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