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Twitter Resource

The Twitter resource includes properties that describe the current state of the Twitter interaction and the available operations, given the current state. Twitter interactions are returned from GET requests to /api/v2/me/twitter?fields=*.

Sample Data

    "id": "01QHAK2MYW30A00C",
    "contactId": "0000MaACGF0J000K",
    "message": "Hello world!",
    "parentId": "01QHAK2MYW30A00B",
    "state": "Composing",
    "twitterType": "Outbound",
    "uri": "http://localhost:8081/api/v2/twitters/01QHAK2MYW30A00C",
    "userData": {
        "To": "some_twitter_account",
        "_twitterInReplyToStatusId": "80884709",
        "_twitterMsgType": "status",
        "_umsChannel": "channel-twitter"
    "capabilities": [

Resource Details

Field Description
id The Twitter interaction's unique identifier.
contactId A unique identifier for a contact record within Universal Contact Server (UCS).
message The Twitter message text.
parentId The parent interaction identifier, if it exists.
state The Twitter interaction's current state. Possible values: "Invited (Inbound)", "Processing (Inbound)", "Composing (Outbound)", "Completed".
twitterType The type of Twitter interaction. Possible values: "Inbound", "Outbound".
capabilities Operations that are possible with the current interaction state. Possible valid values are all Twitter-related API actions.
userData A map of custom values that do not always belong within the Twitter interaction itself.
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