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This operation is part of the Voice API section of the Web Services API.


Attaches the provided data to the call, regardless of whether the key(s) already exist.

If you use the AttachUserData operation to provide keys that already exist on the call, Web Services creates duplicates of the same key in the call data. Unless you have a specific requirement to allow duplicate keys in the call data, use UpdateUserData instead.
Request URL /api/v2/me/calls/{id}
HTTP method POST
Required features api-voice


Parameter Value
operationName AttachUserData



POST api/v2/me/calls/01RCC3N118B1V0SL8O7GK2LAES00000R
  "operationName": "AttachUserData",
  "userData": {
    "AccountNumber": "12345"

HTTP response

  "statusCode": 0

CometD notification

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