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Create Record

This operation is part of the Outbound API section of the Web Services API.


Creates the specified outbound record.

Request URL /api/v2/me/outbound-records
Required Features api-voice-outbound


Parameter Type Value Required
operationName String AddRecord Yes
chainId Integer The unique identifier of the chain. This is added to the existing chain if specified; otherwise, Web Services creates a new chain. No
applicationId Integer The unique identifier of the OCS application. Yes
campaignName String Name of outbound campaign which will be used for this operation. Yes
callingList String The name of the outbound calling list used for this operation. Yes
phoneNumber String The phone number of the record that is being created. Yes
timeZone String Time zone information. Yes
phoneType String Possible values:
  • NoContactType
  • HomePhone
  • DirectBusinessPhone
  • BusinessWithExt
  • Mobile
  • VacationPhone
  • Pager
  • Modem
  • VoiceMail
  • PinPager
  • EmailAddress
  • InstantMessaging
from Integer The record is available from this time. Yes
until Integer The record is available until this time. Yes
otherFields Map A map that contains user data, which will be attached to request. No
devicePath String The relative path to device used for sending the TLib request. Yes
referenceId String A unique identifier used to map the API call to the CometD response. If the request contains a referenceId, Web Services sends an acknowledgement or other event with the same reference ID via CometD. No



POST /api/v2/me/outbound-records
	'chainId': 2, 
	'from': 0, 
	'devicePath': '/devices/4d72a6b5-ee96-4e1f-b09b-5c3f979d82b7', 
	'operationName': 'AddRecord', 
	'phoneNumber': '12345', 
	'phoneType': 'InstantMessaging', 
	'campaignName': 'Campaign1', 
	'timeZone': 'GMT', 
	'callingList': 'CallingList1', 
	'applicationId': 134, 
	'until': 86339,
        'referenceId': '123456789'

HTTP Response

    "statusCode": 0

CometD Response

				'devicePath': '/devices/4d72a6b5-ee96-4e1f-b09b-5c3f979d82b7', 
				'callingList': 'CallingList1', 
				'applicationId': 134, 
				'campaignName': 'Campaign1'
			'notificationType': 'AddRecordAcknowledge', 
			'messageType': 'OutboundRecordMessage',
                        'referenceId': '123456789'
		'channel': '/v2/me/outbound'
					'serverGenerationTimestamp': 1433915479448, 
					'nodeProcessingTimeNanos': 4615078, 
					'serverProcessingTimeTotalMs': 4
				'GSW_USER_EVENT': 'AddRecordAcknowledge', 
				'GSW_CALLING_LIST': 'CallingList1', 
				'GSW_PHONE': '12345', 
				'GSW_CAMPAIGN_NAME': 'Campaign1', 
				'GSW_CHAIN_N': 0, 
				'GSW_CHAIN_ID': 2
			'deviceId': '4d72a6b5-ee96-4e1f-b09b-5c3f979d82b7', 
			'messageType': 'DeviceUserEventMessage'
		'channel': '/me/internal'
		'successful': True, 
			'interval': 0, 
			'timeout': 30000, 
			'reconnect': 'retry'
		'id': '14', 
		'channel': '/meta/connect'
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