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This operation is part of the UCS Integration with Voice API section of the Web Services API.


Returns the identity for the specified UCS contact.

Request URL /api/v2/contacts/ucs
HTTP method POST
Required features One of the following, depending on the type of contact you want to identify:
  • api-ucs-voice
  • multimedia-*


Parameter Value
operationName IdentifyUCSContact
emailAddress The email address to use for identification.
lastName The last name to use for identification.
phoneNumber The phone number to use for identification.
mediaType The type of media for which to search.
createContactEnabled Specify "false" to only look up a contact, or specify "true" for the operation to also create a contact if a contact is not found.
userData The attached data to use for identification.



POST api/v2/contacts/ucs
  "operationName": "IdentifyUCSContact",

HTTP response

  "statusCode": 0,
  "referenceId": 123

CometD notifications


 "referenceId": 123,
 "contactId": "0000DaA3G4VF000Q"


 "referenceId": 123,
 "errorMessage": "UCS request failed"
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