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Hierarchical Dispositions API

This document describes the Hierarchical Dispositions API portion of the Web Services API.


As it is becoming necessary to support a hierarchical structure for disposition codes, the new grouping API will be used to provide this mechanism.


The hierarchical disposition structure in Configuration Manager will be represented as described here.

Web Services will maintain two-way synchronization between Configuration Manager configuration and Cassandra.

API Design

The Grouping API will be used to provide access to dispositions. The following additions will be made to this API as follows:

Disposition Group

Each disposition group will have a dispositions sub-resource with disposition descriptors and will contain a list of sub-groups in the list.

The group attributes for disposition groups will be updated as follows:

  • For each root disposition group, the group "name" is the name of the corresponding Business Attribute. For sub-groups, the group name is the name of the corresponding business attribute folder.
  • The value of contains will be dispositions.
  • A new, optional boolean attribute defaultGroup will specify whether this is the default dispositions group.
  • parentUri must be set if the group has a parent.
  • The type attribute for this group will be dispositions.

Dispositions resource

Each disposition descriptor will have the following attributes:

Field Description Mandatory
name Name of disposition code. Used for two purposes:
  1. in the settings group of disposition codes it is used as the key; and
  2. when used in SetDispositionCode T-Server scenario it should be used as disposition value.

This field is immutable and can not be updated.

displayName Value to be displayed on UI, this field can be updated using the PUT operation. Yes


In addition to the filters and request parameters specified in the grouping API, the following filters should be supported for disposition groups:

filter Description
subresources=** subresources=* returns only the first level of subresources. subresources=** will return the full tree (note that subresources=* should be supported as well)

Annex Configuration

All Business Attributes that contain dispositions except for the default must have an annex section in Configuration Manager


with one key/value pair:


This is used to determine which business attributes must be imported as disposition groups.

The default group is defined by updating the interaction.disposition.value-business-attribute. When the interaction.disposition.value-business-attribute option is updated in Configuration Server, the disposition group corresponding to that Business Attribute will be treated as default.

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