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OpenMedia Resource

The OpenMedia resource includes properties that describe the current state of the OpenMedia interaction and the available operations given the current state. OpenMedia interactions are returned from GET requests to /api/v2/me/openmedia/{mediaType}?fields=*

Sample Data

"openmedia": {
    "userData": {
        "RTargetTypeSelected": "2",
        "RTargetObjectSelected": "Openmedia",
        "RVQID": "",
        "RTargetObjSelDBID": "158",
        "CBR-Interaction_cost": "",
        "CBR-contract_DBIDs": "",
        "RTargetAgentSelected": "htcc1",
        "CBR-IT-path_DBIDs": "",
        "RTargetRuleSelected": "",
        "RTargetPlaceSelected": "htcc1",
        "CBR-actual_volume": "",
        "RTenant": "Environment",
        "RRequestedSkills": None,
        "RRequestedSkillCombination": "",
        "RVQDBID": "",
        "RStrategyDBID": "906",
        "CustomerSegment": "default",
        "ServiceType": "default",
        "ServiceObjective": 0,
        "RTargetRequested": "Openmedia",
        "RTargetAgentGroup": "Openmedia",
        "PegAGOpenmedia": 1,
        "RStrategyName": "Openmedia"
    "uri": "http://localhost:8080/api/v2/openmedia/promotions/03W07R2K4VAYT010",
    "capabilities": [
    "state": "Invited",
    "mediaType": "promotion",
    "openmediaType": "Inbound",
    "id": "03W07R2K4VAYT010",
    "receivedDate": "2014-03-26 16:02:22.000+0200"
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