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ReportStandardResponseUsage FacebookSession

This operation is part of the Facebook Private Messaging API section of the Web Services API.


The purpose of this operation is to provide Standard Response data for Universal Contact Server (UCS) reporting. Every request associates Standard Response usage with a specific interaction. This helps administrators determine which Standard Responses are used most often, and so on.

If the agent does not have a numeric value for employeeId this operation will not associate the agent with this usage entry.

You cannot report usage on Response Templates that are no longer valid (they have expired, not started yet, or not been approved)

Request URL /api/v2/me/facebooksessions/{id}
Required Features api-multimedia


Parameter Value
operationName ReportResponseTemplateUsage
responseTemplateId The location of the standardResponse.
responseType The way the response template was used. Possible values are: SystemAutoResponse, SuggestedResponseChoosen, AdministratorResponse, SuggestedResponsesIgnored, SuggestedResponseNotReceived. This is an optional parameter. If this is not provided in the request, the default value is SystemAutoResponse.



POST api/v2/me/facebooksessions/063JOIJjoIFJEW


There is no response to process.

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