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Outbound Record Resource

The Outbound Record resource contains information about records, including the calling list and other attached data. Outbound records have the following endpoints: /api/v2/me/outbound-records and /api/v2/me/outbound-records/<record-handle>.

Sample Data

  'campaignName': 'Campaign1', 
  'devicePath': '/devices/68b39a39-dfb5-417d-9efe-93c03a1375af', 
  'callingList': 'CallingList1', 
  'applicationId': 134, 
  'recordHandle': 6

Resource Details

Field Description
campaignName The name of the outbound campaign.
devicePath The path to a device.
callingList The name of the calling list used by the campaign.
applicationId The Outbound Contact Server application ID.
recordHandle The identifier for the record.
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