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Facebook Resource

The Facebook resource contains information about the Facebook post, including content, origin, and users. It also has properties that describe the current state of the Facebook interaction and the available operations, given the current state. Facebook interactions are returned from GET requests to /api/v2/me/facebook?fields=*.

Sample Data

"facebook": {"capabilities": ["Reply",
               "contactId": "0000Ga95CENS017Y",
               "facebookType": "Inbound",
               "from": "Labuprofen",
               "id": "01QG4HAN88NP400N",
               "message": "On 12:15:1 11/5/2013, P created a facebook post saying hello world!.",
               "receivedDate": "2015-05-07 13:06:33.000+0300",
               "revelantResponseTemplateGroups": [],
               "state": "Processing",
               "subject": "On 12:15:1 11/5/2013, P created a fac...",
               "suggestedQueueUris": [""],
               "uri": "",
               "userData": {"CBR-IT-path_DBIDs": "",
                             "CBR-Interaction_cost": "",
                             "CBR-actual_volume": "",
                             "CBR-contract_DBIDs": "",
                             "Classify_Actionability_CtgId": "",
                             "Classify_Actionability_CtgName": "",
                             "Classify_Actionability_CtgRelevancy": "",
                             "Classify_Sentiment_CtgId": "",
                             "Classify_Sentiment_CtgName": "",
                             "Classify_Sentiment_CtgRelevancy": "",
                             "ContactId": "0000Ga95CENS017Y",
                             "CustomerSegment": "default",
                             "FromAddress": "Labuprofen",
                             "IxnAlreadyCreatedInUCS": "1",
                             "PegAGSocial Media Agent Group": 1,
                             "RRequestedSkillCombination": "",
                             "RRequestedSkills": None,
                             "RStrategyDBID": "1225",
                             "RStrategyName": "Facebook Agent Delivery Strategy",
                             "RTargetAgentGroup": "Social Media Agent Group",
                             "RTargetAgentSelected": "a1",
                             "RTargetObjSelDBID": "117",
                             "RTargetObjectSelected": "Social Media Agent Group",
                             "RTargetPlaceSelected": "a1",
                             "RTargetRequested": "Social Media Agent Group",
                             "RTargetRuleSelected": "",
                             "RTargetTypeSelected": "2",
                             "RTenant": "Environment",
                             "RVQDBID": "",
                             "RVQID": "",
                             "Screen_Actionability_CtgName": "",
                             "Screen_Actionability_CtgRelevancy": "",
                             "Screen_Actionability_ScreenRuleName": "",
                             "Screen_Sentiment_CtgName": "",
                             "Screen_Sentiment_CtgRelevancy": "",
                             "Screen_Sentiment_ScreenRuleName": "",
                             "ServiceObjective": 0,
                             "ServiceType": "default",
                             "Subject": "On 12:15:1 11/5/2013, P created a fac...",
                             "_facebookActorId": "152879074923372",
                             "_facebookActorIdType": 1,
                             "_facebookActorName": "Labuprofen",
                             "_facebookCanComment": 1,
                             "_facebookComments": "[]",
                             "_facebookContentCreatedOnlyByAdmin": 1,
                             "_facebookCreatedTime": "1383646506",
                             "_facebookDriverVersion": "",
                             "_facebookInBufferBeforeTarget": "0",
                             "_facebookInQueueAtTarget": "0",
                             "_facebookItxType": 2,
                             "_facebookMediaAttachmentsCount": 0,
                             "_facebookMessageText": "On 12:15:1 11/5/2013, P created a facebook post saying hello world!.",
                             "_facebookMonitorRefreshStartTime": "1383646502768",
                             "_facebookNComments": "0",
                             "_facebookNLikes": "0",
                             "_facebookPostCanBeDeleted": "true",
                             "_facebookPostId": "152879074923372_158210041056942",
                             "_facebookShareCount": "0",
                             "_facebookSourceId": "152879074923372",
                             "_facebookSourceIdType": 1,
                             "_facebookUpdatedTime": "1383646506",
                             "_facebookUserCreatedAt": "2013-11-05T06:56:43Z",
                             "_facebookUserFollowersCount": "0",
                             "_facebookUserFriendsCount": "0",
                             "_facebookUserImageURL": "",
                             "_facebookUserLanguage": "r",
                             "_facebookUserStatusesCount": "2",
                             "_facebookUserUtcOffset": "-1",
                             "_twitterFromAddr": "",
                             "desktop_actionable": "1",
                             "desktop_expand": "1",
                             "desktop_sentiment": "Neutral"}},
 "messageType": "FacebookStateChangeMessage",
 "notificationType": "StatusChange",
 "referenceId": 68

Resource Details

Field Description
id A Facebook interaction's unique identifier.
state The Facebook interaction's current state. Possible values are: Invited (Inbound), Processing (Inbound), Composing (Outbound), and Completed.
contactId The unique identifier for a contact record within Universal Contact Server (UCS).
subject The summary or title of the Facebook post.
capabilities Operations that are possible given the last successful completed API action. For example, after a successful Accept operation, possible actions are Create, Reply, ReplyAll, and Complete. Possible valid values are all Facebook-related API actions.
userData A map of custom values that do not always belong within the Facebook element itself.
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