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This operation is part of the Email API section of the Web Services API.


Accepts the email.

The agent can perform this operation after a new email invitation arrives. Accepting an email allows the agent to start working on it.

An agent (User) can either accept or reject a new email invitation.

Accepting the invitation associates the email with the agent. This association or "ownership" continues until that agent performs a Complete, Transfer, or "Re-direct" action on the interaction.

A successful request results in an empty HTTP 200 response. In most cases, the true response arrives on the CometD topic (channel) /v2/me/interactions/.

Notifies the service of the agent's acceptance of an interaction invitation.

Request URL /api/v2/me/emails/{id}
Required Features api-multimedia


Parameter Value
operationName Accept
saveLAR Possible values are true or false. If true, information about the agent performing the operation is set in the Contact Profile so that it can be used for last agent routing. (optional)



HTTP POST /api/v2/me/emails/JFWEIOF421




"statusCode": 0

CometD Response

   "referenceId": 2,
   "notificationType": "StatusChange",
   "messageType": "EmailStateChangeMessage",
   "email": {
       "userData": {
           "Header_Content-Type": "multipart/mixed;boundary="===============1990376455=="",
           "RTargetTypeSelected": "2",
           "RTargetObjectSelected": "E-maildistributionforprocessing",
           "_ContainsAttachment": "false",
           "CBR-actual_volume": "",
           "RVQID": "",
           "To": "htcc@gplus-w2k3-gf80",
           "Header_Date": "Tue,
           11Mar201412: 22: 18+0200",
           "_AttachmentsSize": "0",
           "_AutoReplyCount": 0,
           "RTargetObjSelDBID": "114",
           "Header_MIME-Version": "1.0",
           "Mailbox": "htcc@gplus-w2k3-gf80.emea.int.genesyslab.com",
           "CBR-Interaction_cost": "",
           "CBR-contract_DBIDs": "",
           "ContactId": "0000Wa9CAM6W018X",
           "RTargetAgentSelected": "12345",
           "CBR-IT-path_DBIDs": "",
           "RTargetAgentGroup": "E-maildistributionforprocessing",
           "RTargetRuleSelected": "",
           "FromPersonal": "",
           "RTargetPlaceSelected": "a1",
           "_AttachmentFileNames": "",
           "RTenant": "Environment",
           "RRequestedSkills": None,
           "Origination_Source": "Email",
           "RRequestedSkillCombination": "",
           "RVQDBID": "",
           "RStrategyDBID": "785",
           "CustomerSegment": "default",
           "ServiceType": "default",
           "FromAddress": "qwerty@hpe-voicevm-34-23.genesyslab.com",
           "ServiceObjective": 0,
           "Header_Message-ID": "<jrjbxh4xazm2xo3.110320141222@>",
           "PegAGE-maildistributionforprocessing": 1,
           "RTargetRequested": "E-maildistributionforprocessing",
           "EmailAddress": "qwerty@hpe-voicevm-34-23.genesyslab.com",
           "RStrategyName": "SimpleEmailInStrategy",
           "Subject": "Test_V2"
       "from": "qwerty@hpe-voicevm-34-23.genesyslab.com",
       "contactId": "0000Wa9CAM6W018X",
       "capabilities": [
       "uri": "http: //localhost: 8080/api/v2/email/00012a9HEEG0325N",
       "to": [
       "state": "Processing",
       "revelantResponseTemplateGroups": [
       "id": "00012a9HEEG0325N",
       "subject": "Test_V2"
Item Description
data The element containing all key data.
messageType Denotes the category of message.
notificationType Denotes the purpose of the notification.
uri Denotes the location of the resource.
email The element containing all email specific data.
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