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Workitem Resource


The Workitem API part of the Web Services API includes properties that describe the current state of the workitem and the available operations based on the current state.

A full description of the properties included on the workitem resource and their possible values can be found here.

For the Workitem API, workitems are returned from GET requests to /api/v2/me/workitems?fields=*

See the RecoveringExistingState page for examples.

Sample Data

"workitem": {
    "userData": {
        "RTargetTypeSelected": "2",
        "RTargetObjectSelected": "Workitems",
        "RVQID": "",
        "RTargetObjSelDBID": "158",
        "CBR-Interaction_cost": "",
        "CBR-contract_DBIDs": "",
        "RTargetAgentSelected": "htcc1",
        "CBR-IT-path_DBIDs": "",
        "RTargetRuleSelected": "",
        "RTargetPlaceSelected": "htcc1",
        "CBR-actual_volume": "",
        "RTenant": "Environment",
        "RRequestedSkills": None,
        "RRequestedSkillCombination": "",
        "RVQDBID": "",
        "RStrategyDBID": "906",
        "CustomerSegment": "default",
        "ServiceType": "default",
        "ServiceObjective": 0,
        "RTargetRequested": "Workitems",
        "RTargetAgentGroup": "Workitems",
        "PegAGWorkitems": 1,
        "RStrategyName": "Workitem"
    "uri": "http://localhost:8080/api/v2/workitems/03W07R2K4VAYT010",
    "capabilities": [
    "state": "Invited",
    "id": "03W07R2K4VAYT010",
    "receivedDate": "2014-03-26 16:02:22.000+0200"
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