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This operation is part of the Voice API section of the Web Services API.


Deletes the specified key from the call data.

Request URL /api/v2/me/calls/{id}
HTTP method POST
Required features api-voice


Parameter Value
operationName DeleteUserDataPair
key The key to be removed from the call data.


Before sending this request, the test call has the following userData property:

"userData": {
    "AccountNumber": "12345678",
    "CustomerSegment": "Platinum",
    "CustomerName": "James"


POST api/v2/me/calls/01RCC3N118B1V0SL8O7GK2LAES00000R
  "operationName": "DeleteUserDataPair",
  "key": "CustomerSegment"

HTTP response

  "statusCode": 0

CometD notification

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