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Welcome to the Composer 8.1.5 Help. Composer is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), based on Eclipse, for developing:

  • Voice applications for Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) 8.1+—a software suite, which unifies voice and web technologies to provide a complete solution for customer self-service or assisted service.

Expand the Table of Contents on the left to view all topics. Use the links below to get started in functional areas.

You can also click Search at the top right. To search all Genesys docs, or just Composer, position the cursor immediately after the magnifying glass and press Enter. A search page appears. Composer is under On-Premise Content.

Quick Start

See the Composer Videos, specifically the video on Getting Started After Installation.

  • Use the information below Quick Start to learn how to create a simple routing strategy, attach data that will appear on the agent desktop, and route to the preferred agent.


Don't miss the Composer videos. Since Orchestration Server executes the SCXML-based routing strategies created in Composer, you might also be interested in the Orchestration Video.


Introduction to Composer

This section includes the following information:

Validation, Debugging & Deployment

This section includes information on:

Installation, Videos, Troubleshooting

This section includes information on:

Common Voice & Route Functionality

This section includes information on:

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