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Keyboard Shortcuts

When working in Composer, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts. Click in the Package Explorer on the left. Then use the keyboard shortcuts shown below.

Ctrl+Alt+P Create new interaction process diagram Create Interaction Process Diagram Wizard opens
Ctrl+Alt+J Create new Java Composer project Wizard for Java Composer project opens
Ctrl+Alt+T Create new .NET Composer project wizard for .NET Composer project opens
Ctrl+Alt+O Create a new voice callflow Callflow Diagram wizard opens
Ctrl+Alt+R Create a new routing workflow Workflow Diagram wizard opens
Alt+I+C Open dialog box for connecting to Configuration Server Connect to Configuration Server dialog box opens
Alt+I+D Disconnect from a connected Configuration Server A connected Configuration Server is disconnected
Ctrl+Alt+C Generate all Brings up the Generate All wizard. Creates properly formatted VoiceXML (callflows) or SCXML (workflows) diagram files for the Project.
Alt+M Open Prompt Manager perspective Prompt Manager perspective opens
Alt+P+P Open Project properties   Properties dialog box opens
Alt+H Open Composer Help Help menu appears. Select Help Contents.
Alt+H+C Open Cheat Sheet Help menu appears. Select Cheat sheets.
Alt+H+A Open About Composer About Composer dialog box opens
Ctrl+Alt+D Open Database Connection Profiles Database Connection Profiles opens
Ctrl+Alt+S Open Statistic Builder Statistic Builder opens.
Space To toggle a check box   The check box mark toggles on/off
Alt+A Jump to an Add button in a wizard The Add button is selected
Alt+D Jump to a Delete button in a wizard The Delete button is selected
Alt+R Jump to a Remove button in a wizard The Remove button is selected
ALT+U Jump to an UP button in a wizard The UP button is selected
ALT+W Jump to a DOWN button in a wizard The DOWN button is selected
Alt+T Jump to a Test/Preview button in a wizard The Test/Preview button is selected
Alt+R/Alt+W Jump to a Browse button in a wizard The Browse Event button is selected
Alt+B Jump to a Back button in a wizard The Back button is selected
Alt+N Jump to a Next button in a wizard The Next button is selected
Alt+F Jump to a Finish button in a wizard The Finish button is selected
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