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Adding an Interaction Queue

Starting with Release 8.1.410.14, you can use a queue defined in referenced Projects:

In the Project (A) containing the queue you want to use in another Project (b):

  1. Add an Interaction Queue block to the interaction process diagram (IPD).
  2. Publish the IPD so that the Interaction Queue gets published to the Configuration Server.
  3. In the Project (b) where you want to use the interaction queue contained in Project A, open Project Properties > Project References and add a reference to Project A.
  4. Edit the Queue property for a workflow block. You can now select queues defined in the Project A IPD as well as Project B IPD.

This feature is available via the following blocks/properties:

  • Email Forward/ Output Queue
  • Create SMS/Interaction Queue
  • Email Response/Output Queue
  • Route Interaction/ Queue For Existing Interaction
  • Route Interaction/Queue for Outgoing Interaction
  • Queue Interaction/ Interaction Queue Name
  • Create email/ Output Queue
  • Chat Transcript/Output Queue
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