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Working with Java Composer Projects

A Java Composer Project contains voice application files, callflows, and related server side .jsp / Java files for building an IVR application. A Java Composer Project can also contain routing workflows. It has an associated Java Composer Project builder that will compile source files in the project. Composer ships with a bundled Tomcat and it is used as the web/application server for Java Composer Projects during the development and testing phase. For information on supported operating systems for Java Composer Projects, see the Composer 8.1 Deployment Guide.

Getting Started

To start using Java Composer Projects:

  1. Create a new Java Composer Project.
  2. Use the Project Properties tab to deploy the Java Composer Project to Tomcat within Composer.  (Right-click the project > Properties > Tomcat Deployment.)
  3. Create callflows and use Run or Debug mode to launch the call with Next Generation Interpreter.

Note: Run as / Debug as will automatically pick the port number from the preferences and form the corresponding Application URL. For example: http://machineIP:portno/JavaVoiceProjectName/src-gen/CallflowName.vxml

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