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Orchestration Extensions

Starting with 8.1.4, Composer blocks used to build routing applications (with the exception of the Disconnect and EndParallel blocks) add a new ORS Extensions property. Use this property to add custom attributes into any/all states and sub-states for any block they are configured in. Add the ORS Extensions property to the Properties view for a selected block by clicking the Show Advanced Properties button.

Show Advanced Properties

When creating a new diagram in Composer perspective, this button appears on the right side of the Composer GUI, between the palette of blocks and the Properties view.


This property gives the ability to use any attribute Orchestration Server supports in addition to the SCXML standard. For information on these attributes, see the attributes prefixed with "_" in the SCXML Elements section of the Orchestration Server Developer's Guide. For example, you can specify additional attributes to be added into the SCXML <state> element, which Orchestration Server can then use to control persistence on a <state> level and for other functionality in the future.

Orchestration Options

Selecting Properties from the Project menu opens a dialog box showing the properties of the selected Project or of the Project that contains the selected resource. Select Orchestration Options to view other settings.

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