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Configuration Server Preferences

To set preferences for connecting to Configuration Server:

  1. Select Window > Preferences > Composer > Configuration Server.
  2. Select or clear the check box for Connect to the Configuration Server on startup.
  3. Select or clear the check box for Create Router predefined statistics when connecting to  Configuration Server. Set this preferences if you plan to route based on the value of a URS predefined statistic. For more information on URS predefined statistics, see the chapter on routing statistics in the Universal Routing 8.1 Reference Manual.
  1. Select or clear the check box for Validate Skill Expressions. You have the option of clearing the check box when using complex skill expressions that use both literal expressions and variables, for which skill expression validation fails.
  2. Specify Configuration Database object validation:
  • No validation. You may wish to select this option if objects that will used in routing have not yet been configured.You may also wish to select this option if you do not have the required Configuration Database permission as described in the Genesys Security Deployment Guide. For the Configuration Database, permissions and security are defined in the Security tab of the properties dialog box in Configuration Manager or (for web access) Genesys Administrator. The No Validation setting also allows application development to continue when access to Configuration  Server is not currently available. Composer can still validate strategies with the Configuration Server items excluded.
  • Validate if connected. If you will not always be connected to Configuration Server, you may wish to select this option.
  • Validate. Select to have Composer validate that the objects exist in the Configuration Database.
  1. Published interaction process diagram when it is saved.If checked, Composer will publish an interaction process diagram when it is saved. It will not publish or prompt to connect to Configuration Server if disconnected. Note: This auto-publish does not display a message when publishing is successful. However, it will display message if publishing fails.
  2. Check or uncheck Prompt to save before Publishing Interaction Process Diagram.
  3. uncheck Delete published objects when Interaction Process Diagram is deleted.
  4. uncheck Delete published objects when Project is closed or deleted.
  5. Set the Inactivity Timeout preference to have Composer automatically close the Configuration Server connection when the user does not interact with Composer in any way for the inactivity-timeout period as described in the Inactivity Timeout chapter of the Genesys Security Deployment Guide. Composer displays a warning dialog two minutes in advance of this time. By default, the inactivity timeout is to be set to 0 (turned off).
  6. Keep the Fetch Timeout (sec) value to use the Composer default of 10 seconds. If configured, the Fetch Timeout value will be used as the timeout for fetching to Configuration Server queries. While fetching larger amounts of data, set the Fetch Timeout value accordingly. Note: Any change in the Fetch Timeout value requires a re-connection to Configuration Server.
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