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Upgrading Workflows

Upgrading Projects and Diagrams

See topic Upgrading Projects and Diagrams.

Upgrading Workflows Prior to 8.0.4

Some previously created workflow diagrams cannot be upgraded:

  • Composer 8.0.2 began support for the creation and testing of SCXML-based workflows for inbound voice use cases. Upgrading workflow diagrams created in the 8.0.2 release of Composer, which introduced this new feature, is therefore not supported.
  • Composer 8.0.3 began support for the Context Services option of the Universal Contact Server Database and the processing of multimedia interactions. This release also introduced interaction process diagrams, which are roughly the equivalent of IRD business processes. Upgrading workflow diagrams created in the 8.0.3 release of Composer, which introduced these new features, is therefore not supported.

Migrating IRD Strategies into Composer Projects

Starting with Composer 8.1, you can migrate routing strategies created with Interaction Routing Designer 8.0+ into Composer Projects as SCXML-based workflow diagrams. For more information, see the IRD to Composer Migration Guide.

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