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Composer Overview

Use to Create Routing and Voice Applications

Composer is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), based on Eclipse, for developing:

Routing applications for the Genesys Orchestration Platform 8.x, which includes:

  • Universal Routing Server (URS)—which enables intelligent distribution of voice and multimedia interactions throughout the enterprise.
  • Orchestration Server (ORS)—an open standards-based platform with an SCXML engine, which enables the customer service process. ORS is responsible for executing orchestration logic (SCXML) that is provided by an application server (such as an application server hosting an SCXML-based routing application created in Composer). The responsibility of URS within the Orchestration Platform is to provide a necessary service to Orchestration Server to support Routing functions.

Voice applications for Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) 8.1+—a software suite, which unifies voice and web technologies to provide a complete solution for customer self-service or assisted service.

  • In the past, Interaction Routing Designer was used to create routing applications. Genesys Composer is now the tool of choice for creating both routing and voice self-service applications.
  • Previously Composer was known as "Composer Voice," as it was used only to develop voice applications for Genesys Voice Platform. Starting with 8.0.2, the capabilities of the IDE were expanded to include support for Universal Routing application development. Due to this expansion in scope, the product name was shorted to "Composer."
  • The terms Composer Voice and Composer Route are used in some places in the product, to refer to the collection of product features that are used specifically for Genesys Voice Platform application development, and Universal Routing Application development, respectively.
  • Users may enable/disable Composer Voice and/or Composer Route capabilities through a Composer preference setting (Window > Preferences > General > Capabilities > Advanced). This is useful for developers who are only using one of these Genesys platforms.

Application Development

Composer provides both drag-and-drop graphical development of voice applications (or “callflows”) and routing strategies (or “workflows”) as well as syntax-directed editing of these applications.

  • For voice applications for the Genesys Voice Platform, Composer supports editing of VoiceXML 2.1, CCXML1.0 and SRGS 1.0.
  • For routing applications for the Genesys Orchestration Platform, Composer supports editing of SCXML 1.0.  Applications may be developed in an "offline” mode, without requiring the user to connect to Genesys Configuration Server.

Application Debugging

Composer provides real-time debugging capabilities for both voice and routing applications.

  • The Genesys Voice Platform Debugger is integrated with GVP for making test calls, viewing call traces, and debugging applications. It supports accessing SOAP and REST-based Web Services. Database access is possible using server-side logic and a Web Services interface.
  • The Orchestration Server Debugger, integrated within the workflow editor, works with both live and simulated calls.  For live calls, it places those calls into a T-Server/SIP Server connected to a URS/ORS system. The capabilities include setting breakpoints, stepping through a workflow, viewing and setting the values of variables, and viewing event messages from the URS/ORS platform.


Composer is an Eclipse-based application. The use of Eclipse as the underlying framework enables the use of third party IDE plug-ins, supporting integration with third party source code control systems, server-side development enhancements, and side-by-side development of any business logic required to support your applications.

Operating Systems

For information on supported operating systems, see the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide.

Composer Help Wiki URL

The URL to the Composer Help wiki is configurable by using the Online Wiki URL field: Window > Preferences > Help. The default works with English but if, for example, Japanese pages were available in a different location, then you could change the URL accordingly.

Third Party Software

For information on the third party software used in Composer, see the Legal Notices under More Release Information at the bottom of the Composer main page.

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