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Composer 8.1.5 Deployment Guide

This guide describes how to deploy Composer, an Integrated Development Environment used to develop applications for:

Voice applications for Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) 8.1+—a software suite, which unifies voice and web technologies to provide a complete solution for customer self-service or assisted service.

Routing applications for the Genesys Orchestration Platform 8.x, which includes:

  • Universal Routing Server (URS)—which enables intelligent distribution of voice and multimedia interactions throughout the enterprise.
  • Orchestration Server (ORS)—an open standards-based platform with an SCXML engine, which enables the customer service process.

ORS is responsible for executing orchestration logic (SCXML) that is provided by an application server (such as an application server hosting an SCXML-based routing application created in Composer). The responsibility of URS within the Orchestration Platform is to provide a necessary service to Orchestration Server to support Routing functions.

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What is Composer?

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Uninstalling and Reinstalling

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Before Installation

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